Property Services


Hillsun Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999 and now has the total assets of RMB 6.5 billion yuan.


The company shows strong competitive advantage and development potential in the market competition by virtue of its abundant background and excellent service credit accumulated in the past ten years. With an area of more than 300,000 square meters, the “KING MALL" developed by the company with investment of RMB 3 billion yuan stands in the center of the Airport CBD and is renowned as the third generation experimental mall with the most advanced international quality in Chongqing. “Oriental International Plaza" currently developed by the company at the core area of Jiangbeizui CBD covers five-star level hotels, 5 A Grade office buildings and top level Shopping Mall.






1. Hillsun passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 Quality Assurance System of relevant quality assurance agency in August 2007 and became the second real estate company with the authentication after Longfor.

2. Provide innovation value and extensive service for customers, formulate the exclusive house rental and sales service for owners of King Mall with the professional brokerage firm and let owners have the maximum house value and gain the respect.

3. Persist in activities such as garden party for New Year, sports meeting and “Gratitude and Love for Owners” every year in order to build harmonious, civilized, elegant and humane living culture atmosphere. 

4. Stick to sending warm tips and greeting message on holidays.

5. Provide free movies to owners in the community every quarter.

6. Persist in the activity of free engaged service month every year.

7. Regularly hire a professional maintenance company to check and clean the outer walls every year in order to guarantee the hedge and added value of houses.

8. Provide the door-to-door water carriage service.

9. Hold a flag-raising ceremony every Monday.

10. Care about what owners need. Provide considerate service for owners: carry water for owners unable to move freely, help owners carry heavy goods to their home, escort owners' families with serious illness to hospital and buy commodities and pay water, electric and gas fees on behalf of owners unable to move freely.