Quality Model
General Quality Model of Hillsun

Quality of Leadership of Hillsun
Lead by example:
Set high standards for oneself and let one’s conduct show the concept and value of the company; strictly demand on oneself in accordance with the standards of demanding on other people to make oneself be the role model for study and imitation of staff.
Common vision:
Be good at motivating and guiding members of the organization to provide common needs and expectations and be able to describe and formulate clear and inspiring common vision to acquire the understanding of all members and their genuine recognition, endorsement and support.
Guide all people:
Develop teamwork spirit, build trust relationship of the organization, formulate effective motivation system and action regulations, encourage and guide the staff, subordinates, customers, suppliers and cooperators who can contribute to the realization of the vision to actively participate, bravely undertake responsibility, pay action and fulfill promises, and unite and advance bravely even against difficulties and risks.
Remarkable achievements:
Keep efficient power for action and executive force of oneself and the team, complete each work and task to a high standard with pragmatic and rigorous attitude, ensure the realization of the targets of the organization and achieve excellent achievements and results above the industrial level.
Development of Promotion Quality of Hillsun
Modestly insists:
Treat the contributions and achievements of ourselves with modest attitude, always set high standards for ourselves, persist in faith and targets, and never give up against difficulties, and focus ambitions on the development of the company.
Set targets:
Correctly understand and seize the direction and purpose of enterprise, have the capability to develop chance, recognize business opportunities and formulate challenging but feasible target, and guarantee the effective transfer of target and the positive guiding and motivation for others.
Challenge the current situation:
Honestly face the current situation or dilemma, regard pressure of market environment as external supervision system of our own business, actively find out the truth and nature of problems without wandering that the problem would solve itself, make correct decision and activity plan, persist in belief and concentrate to meet difficulties and acquire dramatic breakthroughs in difficulties.
Management of team:
Be good at finding out the deficiencies and using the advantages of members of team, reach the best combination of competence among members of team and create favorable cooperation atmosphere; be adept in motivate potentials of members of team, promote rapid growth of the organization capability of members of the team and the team and ensure that the team can efficiently complete tasks and create high-level achievements.
Develop others:
Regularly provide correct and positive feedbacks to subordinates to promote their self-knowledge and assist them in finding out efficient working style and development direction in accordance with the advantages and deficiencies of their subordinates; keep positive and favorable expectations for subordinates and help them build high working standards and higher target of occupation development.
Improvement and innovation:
Optimize and improve the working methods and procedures in accordance with the requirement of high standards, respect opinions and ideas of innovation and improvement of staff, guide and encourage the staff to make efforts for innovation and improvement to provide continuous power for the organization by innovation and to promote the vitality and efficiency of the organization.
Solve problems:
Have thoughts and methods to solve problems, be good at finding out the inherent law of matter, and systematically analyze various factors affecting the matter; be able to keenly perceive problems, formulate comprehensive, proper and logical solutions and take them into effect to ensure that the problems can be completely, effectively and systematically solved.
Versatile qualities of Hillsun
Dutiful and responsible:
Be brave to undertake responsibility and overcome difficulties and face pressure with positive attitude; pay attention to working direction, methods and efficiency; abide by duty and responsibility and carry out work in accordance with the interests of the company to ensure high working standards.
Pay attention to the needs and rights & interests of customers, regard the satisfaction of customer as the central task, pursue creation value for customers to exceed their expectation and realize win-win cooperation.
Influential by communication:
Choose correct communication objects and methods, accurately and simply understand and express as well as communicate in honest and direct way. Influence other people and the progress of work by communication, develop toward the direction of realizing targets and industriously achieve the communication effect of multi-wins.
Abide by the common stereotype and cooperation principle of team, trust each other, not only persist in principle but also assure cooperation by compromise, understand and recognize individual difference, rationally treat self-competence, appreciate the merits of team members, form team cooperation by making their respective advantages complementary to each other and actively create or incorporate the honest, cooperated and win-win working atmosphere.
Efficient and accurate:
Always grasp the direction and purpose of work, balance the relationship of time, cost and quality, create more optimal measures and methods to accurately, swiftly and completely finish task and achieve results beyond expectations.